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From Drab to Fab: How To Transform Your Concrete Surfaces

Concrete surfaces can get outdated fairly quickly. They fade out, crack, and lose their luster, thereby reducing their aesthetic appeal. In a bid to revamp your concrete surfaces, you may be wondering what you need to do. Most homeowners and business owners in Winchester, TN resort to tearing up and replacing their concrete surfaces altogether, forgetting that there’s a cheaper, more efficient way of doing things. ProCurbs offers a unique, affordable, and eco-friendly solution that transforms your concrete surfaces from drab to fab. In this article, we’ll break down how ProCurbs can help you love your concrete surfaces again and why replacing them is no longer an option.

1. ProCurb’s Process

ProCurbs is a decorative concrete company that specializes in custom designs that mimic the natural look of stone, wood, or pavers, among other styles. Their process begins by preparing the existing concrete surface by cleaning, repairing, and resurfacing it using durable cement-based materials. They then apply a textured layer that gives the surface its design and seal it with a protective coating that enhances its durability and longevity. The entire process is fast, taking only a few days, and with the least amount of mess.

2. Cost

Ripping off and replacing concrete surfaces is an expensive process that’s often outside most homeowners’ and business owners’ budgets. With ProCurbs, you no longer have to spend a fortune to make your concrete surfaces look fabulous. Their process doesn’t require any tear-outs, which already saves you money. It’s also cheaper to install compared to traditional paving or stamped concrete. Lastly, the possibility of resurfacing rather than replacing a concrete surface ensures fewer maintenance costs in the future, making it a cost-effective solution.

3. Environmental Benefits

In a world where eco-friendliness is important, using ProCurb’s services helps reduce landfill waste from concrete disposal as it resurfaces existing concrete surfaces instead of tearing them down. It is a plus for the environment since there’s need for more concrete dumping. The company also uses environmentally friendly materials and coating options that minimize the impact on the environment while ensuring durable outcomes.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to give your concrete surfaces a unique, visually appealing design. With ProCurb’s customization options, they can mimic the natural appeal of almost any material, whether it’s stone, brick, or even wood. The company provides a wide array of designs, patterns, and color options to choose from, giving you the flexibility to achieve your desired outcome. Your cell pool, driveway, patio, and other concrete surfaces can blissfully blend with your landscape or style preference.

5. Durability

Concrete surfaces can be terribly affected by the weather, especially during winter and summer when temperature fluctuations cause ice and frost heave. With ProCurb’s high-quality materials and protective coatings, the concrete surface resists environmental elements including sun, water, freeze, or thaw cycles. The product ensures long-term concrete protection against stains, dirt, and salt damage, resulting in an extended residential or commercial look with the most uptight standards.


If you are in search of an affordable, eco-friendly solution to give your concrete surfaces a facelift, consider ProCurbs services. The company provides a top-quality service, including resurfacing of existing concrete surfaces and bringing them back to life through their customization options and protective coatings that prolong the life of your concrete surfaces. Once done, you’ll rediscover your yard and appreciate the transformation received through the use of ProCurbs services.